Become An Expert On Top Sites In Athens By Watchin
Become An Expert On Top Sites In Athens By Watchin

It was more then 10 years earlier when I was in Athens for the first time. Athens was the city of my childhood. Due to the regard for the city's location in history, I might not draw my conclusions after one week, I thought.

Now, after more then 10 years I think about again a check out to Athens. Why did it take so long? I cannot offer any sensible description. Probably it pertains to Athens itself. Possibly it is the silence which has covered the city. Now, rethinking the last decade, I cannot give any point when my focus on Athens could have been revived.

Why don't we hear anything about Athens? Barcelona, Rome and upcoming Istanbul on the northern Mediterranean are regularly on the news. Not only for factors of tourist, but due to the fact that of all other advancements a world city should be associated with. About Athens we do not get to know anything. The last time when it was in the media it was due to the fact that of the Olympic video games. After that it ended up being silence once again.

Does it have to do with the easiness the Greeks treat their past and their heritage? See the names of their restaurants abroad: Socrates, Plato, Olympus, Oedipus, Athens and so on.

After the introduction of athens history the web this remarkable past likewise does not withstand to the dynamic of it. People are eager to forget what has happened a year ago, not to speak about the heroism of classical Athens.

Why should we visit Athens or Greece any longer? When it is the heritage of classical time, I would say you might better make a see to Anatolia.

Might this be the factor why Athens has fallen down? The 'opponent' of Greece has more in it then Greece can pay for and works likewise more to promote it.

Whatever the factor might be, it is clear that Athens ought to do more then only counting on its past. Otherwise this intriguing city will be disregarded for another years, which is more awful then to be forgotten.