The Biggest Problem With Riviera Travel, And How Y
The Biggest Problem With Riviera Travel, And How Y

St.Tropez is a little town in southern France, in the Var departement and is a part of well known and well-known French Riviera. His body was tossed in a boat, which was wandered to st.tropez to a place which is today called: the Golfe de (Gulf of) Saint Tropez. In between 1470 to 1672, city of St.Tropez was ruled by captains as independent republic.

St.Tropez began tropez to grow and draw in worldwide stars from 1920, but its global recognition came after 1950, likewise thanks to the well-known star Brigitte Bardot as well as due to well-known film series of Le gendarme de Saint Tropez.

During WWII, the allied forces had their main site on the city beach in the Operation Dragoon.

Today the city is popular thanks to its azure waters, elegant yachts in harbor, popular hotels, coffee shops and clubs on the beaches. There are lots of tourists there and many high-end sports cars. Night life is great and you can frequently see VIP visitor showing up by helicopters. A lot of st tropez tourists come throughout summer with wish to satisfy some stars.

Baie de Pampelonne - part of the coast with best beaches 5 km long. There is a regatta with numerous terrific classic yachts (some 50 m long) held each October in the Saint Tropez bay.